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Company news about 2019 China (Kazakhstan) Trade Fair

2019 China (Kazakhstan) Trade Fair


Latest company news about 2019 China (Kazakhstan) Trade Fair

The China (Kazakhstan) Trade Fair is dedicated to construction machinery, construction machinery, hardware tools and bearings, welding equipment, welding materials and other electromechanical equipment and accessories. Therefore, our company participated in this exhibition and hopes to obtain relevant customer resources in the exhibition .


According to the amount of our equipment and the understanding of the Central Asian market for many years, we can complete the sales of 100,000 US dollars during the exhibition and develop at least 30 potential customers.


During the three-days' exhibition, we actually received more than 40 customers and developed 10 customer information with real purchase intentions. After the exhibition, we sorted out the customer information obtained by the exhibition and tracked the customers, and we look forward to further Development and progress.


The Central Asian market (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries) has a relatively high demand for our high-frequency induction heating equipment, super-audio frequency induction quenching equipment, and intermediate frequency induction melting equipment.

Our participation in the China (Kazakhstan) Trade Fair has benefited a lot. At the same time, our company is constantly developing, upgrading and updating our product equipment to improve the operating efficiency of the equipment, save energy and reduce emissions and extend The service life has been recognized by customers with advanced science and technology and high-quality services, establishing our "Lanshuo" brand image.

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