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Company news about How to choose induction melting furnace

How to choose induction melting furnace


Latest company news about How to choose induction melting furnace

Induction melting furnaces are a popular choice in many foundries, but when looking for an induction furnace for sale there are some considerations to keep in mind.


Size: The size that you choose will depend on how many kilosgrams of metal you need to melt and how much melting capacity per pot is.


Melt Loss: Oxidation melt loss is another factor to consider. If rates are too high you could end up losing more of your yields that you’d like. These losses can quickly stack up if you’re not careful. To ensure you won’t be losing out on supply, look for furnaces that offer low melt losses.



Control: Induction furnaces offer a large level of control; however, not all units will come with the same features. Some of these features can even help you control emissions of pollutants such as smoke, dust, and other fumes that could potentially be harmful in smaller spaces.

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