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Company news about Ultrasonic Induction Heating Equipment and Infrared Thermometer

Ultrasonic Induction Heating Equipment and Infrared Thermometer


Latest company news about Ultrasonic Induction Heating Equipment and Infrared Thermometer

The workpiece is heat treated with ultrasonic induction heating equipment. In order to ensure the accuracy of the heating temperature, we usually use some instruments to measure the temperature, such as infrared thermometers, laser thermometers, etc. Among these instruments, the infrared thermometer is the most used.


Infrared wavelengths are 0.8um-1000um, and some radiation thermometers that use photosensitive elements or thermal elements and filter glass or interference filters to measure the wavelength energy of thermal radiation in this range to measure the temperature can be called infrared thermometers. . Its advantages are high accuracy, low temperature measurement limit, short response time, etc. However, the displayed value of the instrument is also affected by the change of the surface emissivity of the material, the absorption of the medium on the radiation channel and the interference of external light.


The detection part of the infrared thermometer is installed on the tripod, the transmission part has desktop, hanging and embedded, and the display instrument (receiving part) has indicators, indicating regulators and multi-point recording types, etc., choose the above according to your needs. Some of them are combined into a variety of adaptable infrared thermometers, so they are widely used. Infrared thermometers are used in electric heating (including power frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency) temperature measurement.


From the above, metal heating plays an important role in warm and hot forging, and is an indispensable and important process. The quality of metal billet heating directly affects forging and forging quality. A lot of heat energy is consumed in metal heating, so when formulating billet heating specifications, it is necessary to consider how to save energy and take measures to save energy. In order to achieve these goals, the measurement of the heating temperature of the metal billet is inseparable, so the forging enterprises must pay great attention to the measurement of the heating temperature of the metal billet.

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