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Company news about What is brazing?

What is brazing?


Latest company news about What is brazing?

The energy of brazing can be chemical reaction heat or indirect heat. It uses a metal with a melting point lower than the melting point of the material to be welded as the brazing material. After heating, the brazing material is melted, and the brazing material is brought into the gap of the joint contact surface by capillary action to wet the surface of the metal to be welded, so that the liquid phase and the The interdiffusion of solid phases forms a brazed joint.


Therefore, brazing is a solid-phase and liquid-phase welding method. The brazing heating temperature is low, the base metal does not melt, and no pressure is applied. However, before welding, certain measures must be taken to remove the oil, dust, oxide film, etc. on the surface of the welded workpiece. This is an important guarantee for the good wettability of the workpiece and the quality of the joint. When the liquidus humidity of the solder is higher than 450 ℃ and lower than the melting point of the base metal, it is called brazing; when it is lower than 450 ℃, it is called soft soldering.


According to different heat sources or heating methods, brazing can be divided into: flame brazing, induction brazing, furnace brazing, dip brazing, resistance brazing, etc.


Due to the relatively low heating temperature during brazing, the effect on the performance of the workpiece material is small, and the stress deformation of the weldment is also small. However, the strength of the brazed joint is generally low and the heat resistance is poor.

Brazing can be used to weld carbon steel, stainless steel, superalloy, aluminum, copper and other metal materials, and can also connect dissimilar metals, metals and non-metals. It is suitable for welding joints under low load or working at room temperature, especially for precision, micro and complex multi-brazed weldments.

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