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16 Kw Induction Brazing Welding Machine Drill Bit Ultrasonic Saws Blades
  • 16 Kw Induction Brazing Welding Machine Drill Bit Ultrasonic Saws Blades
  • 16 Kw Induction Brazing Welding Machine Drill Bit Ultrasonic Saws Blades
  • 16 Kw Induction Brazing Welding Machine Drill Bit Ultrasonic Saws Blades
  • 16 Kw Induction Brazing Welding Machine Drill Bit Ultrasonic Saws Blades

16 Kw Induction Brazing Welding Machine Drill Bit Ultrasonic Saws Blades

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Lanshuo
Certification CE ISO
Model Number LSW-16
Product Details
Induction Brazing Machine
Rated Capacity:
Rated Duty Cycle:
Brazing, Welding
High Light: 

Ultrasonic Induction Brazing Machine


Induction Brazing Welding Machine 16 Kw


Saws Blades Induction Brazing Machine

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
1.Standard wooden case, plywood case, and custormized case; 2. Inner packing: packing plastic film and foam in case of friction dampness and shake; 3.Accessories: induction coil 1, foot pedal 1, installing and operating instruction 1 and custormized del
Delivery Time
5-7 working days after receiving advanced payment
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
2000 set per year
Product Description

16kw drill bit Ultrasonic Saws Blades  brazing welding machine

1. Advantages of high frequency induction heating equipment:
1. Fast heating speed: induction heating, no oxide layer, small deformation;
2. Using IGBT module, energy saving and power saving: 30% power saving than electronic tube type, 20% power saving than thyristor intermediate frequency;
3. Full protection: There are alarm indications such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, water shortage, etc., and automatic control and protection.
4. Small size: the split structure is adopted, which is light in weight and convenient for mobile installation;
5. Good effect: the heating is very uniform (the temperature of each part of the workpiece can be obtained by adjusting the density of the induction coil), the temperature rises quickly, the oxide layer is less, and there is no waste after annealing;
6. Strong adaptability: can heat a variety of workpieces;
7. The temperature and heating time can be accurately controlled, and the processing quality is high.
8. Environmental protection: no pollution, noise and dust;

2. Application range of Induction Brazing Machine:

high frequency induction heating brazing machine mainly aims to melt the solder by heating it to a certain temperature for the purpose of connecting two types of metals of the same material or different materials.
1. Welding of various hardware cutting tools, such as diamond tool, abrasive tool, drilling tool, alloy saw blade, hard alloy
cutter, milling cutter, reamer, planning tool and solid center bit.
2. Welding of various hardware mechanical gadget: Silver soldering and brazing of metals of the same variety or different
varieties, such as hardware toilet and kitchen products, refrigerating copper fitting, lamp decoration fitting, precision mold
fitting, hardware handle, eggbeater, alloy steel and steel, steel and copper as well as copper and copper.
3. Compound pot bottom welding is mainly applicable to the braze welding of circular, square as well as other irregular plain pot bottom. It is also applicable to plain braze welding of other metals.
4. Welding of heating disc of electric hot-water kettle mainly refers to the braze welding of stainless steel flat base, aluminum sheet and tubular electric heating elements of various forms.

3. Technical Parameters of LSW-16 Induction Heating Machine:

Model LSW-16
Working Voltage 220V, 50/60HZ
Max input power 16kw
Oscillation frequency 28-40KHZ
Duty cycle 100%
Cooling water flow 20L/Min,0.15-0.2MPa
Weight 25kg
Dimension (L*W*H ) 420*200*360mm
Material stainless steel
Color support customized
Usage metal heating, brazing,melting etc

16 Kw Induction Brazing Welding Machine Drill Bit Ultrasonic Saws Blades 0

4. Main characteristics of LSW-16 Induction Brazing Machine :

① It is not necessary to heat the whole, the deformation of the workpiece is small, and the power consumption is small.
②No pollution.
③The heating speed is fast and the oxidation area is small.
④The installation is simple, just connect the 220V or 380V power supply, and the water can be in and out, and it can be completed in a few minutes.
⑤Small footprint, simple operation, and it can be learned in a few minutes to be particularly safe. The output voltage is lower than 36V, avoiding the danger of high-voltage electric shock.
⑥ No open flame, safer. Using eddy currents to generate electromagnetic induction, it only heats any metal.
⑦Induction heating speed is fast, high efficiency, energy saving and low cost
⑧ It can weld multiple workpieces at one time, which greatly improves the welding efficiency
⑨ Even heating, no missing soldering and missing solder joints
⑩ The weld seam of the workpiece after welding is firm and full.

16 Kw Induction Brazing Welding Machine Drill Bit Ultrasonic Saws Blades 1

5. Induction Brazing Machine Application:

Heat treatment industry

1 Hot forging aims to fabricate the work pieces of certain temperature (different materials require different temperatures) into other shapes through forging press with the help of punch press, forging machine or other equipments, for instances, hot extrusion of watch case, watch flan, handle, mold accessory, kitchen and table ware, art ware, standard part, fastener, fabricated mechanical part, bronze lock, rivet, steel pin and pin.
2. Hot fitting refers to the connection of different metals or metals with nonmetals through the heating based on the principle of hot expansion or hot smelting, for instances, embedded welding of copper core of computer radiator with aluminum sheet and speaker web, compound of steel and plastic tube, sealing of aluminum foil (tooth paste peel), motor rotor and sealing of tubular electric heating element.
3. Smelting mainly aims to melt the metal into liquid by using the high temperature, which is mainly applicable to the smelting of iron, steel, copper, aluminum, zinc as well as various noble metals.

16 Kw Induction Brazing Welding Machine Drill Bit Ultrasonic Saws Blades 2
Forging industry
1. plate heating, bending and forming.
2. standard parts, fasteners through the hot forming.
3. the hardware tools through heat, such as pliers, wrenches and other heat through hot forming.
4. taper shank drill rod extrusion prospecting.
5. the pipe through the hot forming, such as bends and so on.

1. carbide cutting tools welding. Such as turning, milling, cutter knife.
2. the diamond saw blade welding. Such as diamond saw blade, abrasive, jagged welding. Exploration drill bit used in welding, such as word drill, drill welding horns.
3. brass, copper

16 Kw Induction Brazing Welding Machine Drill Bit Ultrasonic Saws Blades 3
Steel,iron, non-ferrous metals,graphite crucible smelting

6. performance and characteristics of induction heating brazing machine:
1.Using imported Fuji power components and high-quality components to ensure high-quality equipment quality
2. Small body weight, high efficiency and energy saving
3. Overcurrent, overvoltage, under water, overheat protection circuit
4. Exquisite design, 304 stainless steel screws, 304 stainless steel handlebars, no paint stripping, stripping phenomenon.

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